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 KELLER.Academy is now actively back

We congratulate the participants from Berufskolleg Werther Brücke der Stadt Wuppertal on successful completion of the 2 day course ‘Basic DIN/PAL programming with SYMplus™ software’. Interested in knowing more about our courses? Just send us a message and we will contact you.

KELLER.Software SYMplus™ Update 59 is now available. 

To learn more about the new features, visit: https://cnc-keller.com/symplus-support/new-features-optimizations/  Are you unsure of how to proceed? Do you need help with your updates? Follow this link:  http://cnc-keller.yoursupport.de/cnc.en/search?q=KELLER+update+manager+

SYMplus™ UPDATE 58

The new SYMplus™ UPDATE 58 is now available to you.  If you are a SYMplus™ user with plusCARE™, you will get the update automatically as usual. Further information on the updates can be found here: https://cnc-keller.com/symplus-support/new-features-optimizations/ Interested in knowing more about SYMplus™? Contact us using the form below. Thank you.


Team KELLER in our office after this years “Ausbildungstag”(Day for trainees).