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SYMplus™ CNC-software.

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CNC software for training

Reaching the learning goal quickly and efficiently

The demands on employees are constantly increasing, the time for certain course contents is getting shorter and shorter. This makes it all the more important to use efficient didactic tools. In terms of CNC training software, SYMplus™ sets standards: interactive learning modules for independent learning, a clearly structured user interface that focuses on what really counts: graphical support and attractive simulation. A homogeneous system for all methods of CNC programming.

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The four-level KELLER pyramid

Symbolizes and illustrates the contents of this CNC training concept:

Tab Header IconVirtual workshop

Our absolutely innovative 3D learning world. The playful and instructive first contact with the workshop, machine and CNC control. The first practical exercises for setting up the machine will prepare you for the real world.

Virtual Shopfloor

How it looks like:

Virtual workshop from KELLER

Tab Header IconDIN / PAL

Our training center for your CNC trainees! The main focus here is on CNC basics according to DIN and PAL test preparations. Expert knowledge is imparted with multimedia elements and programming is easy and quick to learn, thanks to a comprehensive help system, including tests and certificates. The vivid 3D simulation with measuring functions and collision monitoring provides the necessary “wow” effect.

Note: The exercises in this workbook are mainly based on the examination contents according to “PAL2009” (updated according to “PAL2020”). For the advanced examination content for cutting machine operators with driven tools (complete machining with C- and Y-axis) in turning or plane swiveling (3+2 axes) in milling, there are software extensions and also independent workbooks.

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For cutting machine operators

For cutting machine operators
Since 2012, 5-axis machining has been a fixed component of the IHK final examination part 2. For prospective cutting machine operators, we therefore offer an optional module extension with driven tools (turning with C/Y axis) and plane swivel (milling with 3+2 axes).

For homework

For successfull learning
In addition to the main license, you can obtain free student licenses with the complete scope of “DIN Basics” from the “PALplus” operating mode.

For successful learning

For learning success:
Our 120-page SYMplus™-workbook (printed/as PDF) are just the right thing to support trainees and help them organise their lessons.

Tab Header IconControl simulator

With our simulators for more than 50 controllers, you can finally carry out the work preparation or learn the programming stress-free and without danger. 3D simulation, collision control, help system and data transfer are included.

control simulator

How it looks like:

Operating mode „Simulator“

Tab Header IconCAD / CAM

As a professional, you can earn real money by turning with 2 axes and milling with 3 axes. Quickly from the drawing to the NC program, even with complex contours. Highly productive due to the time-saving, collision-monitored and powerful work plan with integrated postprocessors for over 100 controls. Our CAD/CAM is so easy to understand that even your trainees can successfully solve complex programming tasks with it!


SYMplus™ Student-License

For homework, exam preparation or regular classes

To acquire a license, your training company/school needs:

  1. The latest SYMplus™ version
  2. A plusCARE™ contract
  3. The add-on “Student-License DIN” or the add-on “Student-License PAL”

If your school/training company does not have a license, you can also rent the “Student-License DIN” yourself for a certain period of time (14 days to 1 year) here.

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