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How time flies–
KELLER is one of the pioneers of CNC technology

In 1982 the foundations for programming CNC machine tools were laid.

Milestones in the company history

For decades the name KELLER has been inseparably connected with the development of CNC solutions and the education and training of CNC users.

1982Foundation of the publishing house

Mrs Keller founded the publishing house R. Keller. It covered the basics of programming CNC machine tools, geometrical basics and technological principles as well as mathematical principles.

1984First Software

The publishing house R. Keller offered the first software “ Introduction to CNC technology without fear ” for basic CNC training. It was developed by the vocational school teachers Mr. Keller and Mr. Grossmann.


The grammar school teacher Mr Werner Buhr developed the EPL1 simulator on Apple Ile. To the EPL1 keyboard were later added the DOS computers and many other keyboards, resulting in the 3-stage model of a CNC training.

1986R. & S. KELLER GmbH

The company R. & S. KELLER GmbH is founded.

1988First partnerships

The product GKE + CAM sold like hot cakes and attracted a lot of attention. The product was also well received by the Siemens company. A partnership with Siemens was established.

1990Technology Centre

The KELLER Technology Centre was ceremonially opened. The heart of the technical centre is the workshop with 6 CNC machines and 6 different CNC controls.


The first CNCplus machine was built.

1995CAMplus und Qplus

The successors of CNCplus are CAMplus for production and Qplus for qualification.

1999Multimedia learning systems

Cooperation with SIEMENS to develop interactive, multimedia learning systems.


Start of the partnership with DaimlerChrysler.

2001KELLER software for Young and Old

Our software is not only fun for young people, but also for older skilled workers. Especially those who have so far “only” worked on conventional machines and are now no longer “afraid” of CNC.

2003Four levels of education

Starting with version 3.0 there are 4 levels of education: Workshop, DIN/PAL, Control and CAD/CAM. These can still be found in our products today.


Start of the partnership with the Haas company.

2007Competence Center

Opening of the HTEC+KELLER Competence Center in Minsk, Belarus.

2010Partnership with Heidenhain

At a big meeting here in Wuppertal the HIT project was decided. But before that there was already a KELLER-Heidenhain multimedia version created at own expense.


The Keller couple withdraws from the business of the company. The CNC KELLER GmbH is founded.


Intensified activities on the Chinese market.

2016Exciting year

Our new product SYMplus™ with plusCARE™ with integrated update service is launched.

Our 1st user meeting took place.

We are now an apprenticing company in the areas:

– Management assistant for office management
– IT specialist for application development

201735th anniversary and KELLER.Academy

CNC KELLER 35th anniversary – the event “next level” was a great success

We presented our new virtual workshop in combination with VR-glasses – the “next level” for CNC training.

Opening of the KELLER.Academy – our new training centre.

„KELLER.Software develops applications and methods for the independent creation of solutions.”

– Jürgen Mues, Managing Director