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SYMplus™ CNC-software.

Looking into the future -

Next Level
The virtual workshop

Playful access to the CNC world

For decades, innovators and scientists have been working on the creation of virtual worlds. VR glasses allow us to immerse ourselves in a world that looks completely real, but isn’t. With our Virtual Workshop we are also moving to this “next level”.

Controlling a CNC machine is a complex process and the demands on the operators are very high. Through our virtual workshop, the learner moves in a modern playful way and independently discovers the necessary learning content.

3d visualization workshop with machines
3d visualization vr workshop
3d visualization vr workshop

It’s all just a game?

Or is the virtual world a world that will enrich our life and work? Here at the KELLER.Academy you can experience what can hardly be described in words: Switch on the machine, start the reference point or simply stand in the machine and take a close look at everything.

We are always pleased to welcome visitors! If you are a small group, indicate your desired date and group size, we will check the date and get back to you. To the form

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