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Into the Space with KELLER.Software – Training with Airbus Defense and Space GmbH

“Thank you for the excellent training and outstanding support” is what the guestbook entry reads after an individual training in our KELLER.Academy. Mr. Kutsch from Airbus Defense and Space GmbH in Taufkirchen (Bavaria) visited our Academy in Wuppertal for a 2-day CAD/CAM training course (milling). The company uses CATIA as its design tool, and Mr. […]

Strategy meeting in Berlin with Scaling Champions

The KELLER.Software Team had an amazing strategy meeting in Berlin with Scaling Champions. We gained so much valuable knowledge, and to top it off, we got to try some delicious Sushi! Even our CEO, Mr. Mues, who tried it for the first time, loved it – both Sushi and the meeting. We also had the […]

Newsletter March 2023

PAL2020: How to rewrite old PAL programs. With the reform of the PAL norms in 2020, quite a few changes came our way. G17 is now G15, G86 and G88 remain, but many new or modified cycle addresses have been added, and so on and so forth. However, we found out through interesting exchanges with […]

Comparison of old PAL programs and PAL2020

Complete table with a comparison of “PAL2008/PAL2012” and “PAL2020” (status spring 2023): PAL2008/PAL2012 PAL2020 Meaning Where is it found? G41 G45 D G41 G45 DL Linear tangential approach Milling and Turning with driven tools G42 G45 D G42 G45 DL Linear tangential approach Milling and Turning with driven tools G40 G46 D G40 G45 DL […]

Training KELLER.Academy at company HG Medical

Last week we conducted a wonderful training course at HG Medical. The company from Raisting (Bavaria) gave three apprentices (cutting machine operators) a crash course in PAL turning (with face, shell, and chord surface machining) and PAL milling (focus on plane swivel). Building on what they had already learned at school, it was a very […]

Internship at KELLER.Software

“From the very first day, I felt at home thanks to the nice colleagues.” 2 weeks are ‘over’ and we now have to say goodbye to our intern Edvin Catic. The team wishes you all the best for your future and you are of course welcome back with us at any time. But for now, […]

Intern and trainee from KELLER.Software visit BZI Remscheid

Our trainee Edvin Catic and our intern Jan Fiebich visited the Berufsbildungszentrum der Industrie in Remscheid last week. There they were able to get an idea of real CNC machines and see the fantastic premises of the BZI. Many thanks to Mr. Callar (trainer and CNC expert from the BZI), who made this visit possible.