Bergisches Competence Center for CNC and PLC Technology (Throwback 2001)

In May 2001, the “Bergisches Competence Center for CNC and PLC Technology” was inaugurated at BZI Remscheid!

This marked a strong partnership between KELLER, SPINNER, SIEMENS, and BZI, which provided the facilities and infrastructure (and with whom we still maintain a close friendship to this day!).

Together, we introduced state-of-the-art CNC programming into various industries. Thanks to practical courses and innovative tools such as ShopMill and ShopTurn from SIEMENS, skilled workers quickly familiarised themselves with the then-new technology. But it wasn’t just professionals; students also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of metal technology and create their own workpieces.

  • In the group photo from left to right: Mr. Strackbein (BZI), Mr. Tödt (BZI), Mr. Spinner (SPINNER), Mr. Keller (KELLER), Mr. Gatti (SIEMENS).
  • In the second photo, you can see Mr. Reckermann, our Head of Sales, leading a course on the opening day.

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