GKE + CAM – Graphical Programming (Throwback 1989)

Today we look back on our product “GKE + CAM”, the forerunner of our current CNC software SYMplus™! This tool revolutionised “graphical programming”. With clear pictograms, the most complex geometries could be captured and combined with the raw part in the work plan. Production strategies such as roughing and finishing were implemented directly in tool paths, without the need for G and M functions.

Well-known personalities like the one in the photo, Johannes Rau (then Minister-President of NRW, later Federal President), were highly impressed. On the right next to him are Mrs. and Mr. Keller.

Fun fact: Rau was born in Wuppertal and was even mayor of his home town from 1969 to 1970.

Discover more about our history on our website: https://cnc-keller.com/history/

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Klaus Reckermann


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