Merry St. Nicholas’ Day!

Merry St. Nicholas’ Day!

In Germany, it is a tradition to place polished boots outside the door on the evening of December 5th. According to legend, St. Nicholas then comes by during the night and fills your boots with sweets and small gifts. 🍬

We may not have sweets for you, but we’ve got a new, interesting video on our YouTube channel!

Watch how we simulated the St. Nicholas’ house with our SYMplus™ CNC software in four different ways:

  1. G17 IP3 – End face machining with virtual Y-axis
  2. G17 IP5 – End face machining with real Y-axis
  3. G19 IP1 – Surface machining with virtual Y-axis
  4. G19 IP5 – Chord surface machining with real Y-axis

Wishing you a magical pre-Christmas season from the KELLER.Software team!

Here’s the link to the video:

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Klaus Reckermann


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