New video: Final Exam Part 2 for Machinists, Summer 2024 (Turning)

Simulation of the IHK Final Exam (Exam conducted by Chamber of Industry & Commerce, Germany) Part 2 for Machinists, Summer 2024, CNC Turning is now available on YouTube:

In the Turning examination task this time, all machining operations had to be carried out with driven tools on chordal surfaces (G19 IP5). In particular, gaps in the cycle calls (G7x) had to be filled, where the candidates needed to understand the axes in the G19 plane (YZ). In contrast to milling, however, it was not necessary to program entire contour trains. Instead, they were required to determine individual coordinates for the “center tolerance” and ISO fits. There were further gaps for recesses, an internal recess and jump addresses in program part repetitions.


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