New video on YouTube: 3 rectangular pockets on a pitch circle

Check out the latest Video from our “INSTANT CNC” Series!

Immerse yourself in the world of CNC technology and discover machining techniques in our latest “INSTANT CNC” episode.

Using the 3D simulation of our SYMplus™ CNC software, we will show you in this video how task 14 from Christiani’s “Collection of tasks in CNC milling technology according to PAL2020” could look like in reality.

This task includes:

  • Pre-milling outer contour, circular pocket and contour pocket
  • 3 rectangular pockets on a pitch circle
  • Chamfering the rectangular pockets
  • Centering and core hole for M10
  • Thread tapping

Interested to see it? Click on this link to watch the video:


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Klaus Reckermann


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