Newsletter August 2021

Summer slump? Not with us!

No matter whether it is a long trip or a vacation at home on the balcony, the KELLER.Software team wishes you a wonderful and relaxing summer season.

While you are hopefully enjoying your well-deserved vacation or have already enjoyed it, we used the time to further develop ourselves internally. 

 For example, we launched our first ( to be regular in the future) employee survey, which focused on how comfortable the individual employee feels in the company and with his or her colleagues. Because just as the relationship with our customers is important, the working atmosphere is also of great importance for a healthy company – and of course you, our customer, will also benefit from this.



That’s why the outcome from the survey was all the more pleasing: Everyone in the KELLER.Software team supports each other and we get on very well together.



In addition to this, our sales department is also undergoing training to make your experience with us even more pleasant.   

If you want to take advantage of the summertime just like we do, take a look at our KELLER math software, TECHNICplus™. With it, you can brush up on your math skills in a fun way.

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Upcoming Training Sessions:

09.-10. Sep. 2021: Basics of graphical programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus™

23.-24. Sep. 2021: Basics of DIN/PAL Programming with SYMplus

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Here is a look into our absolutely innovative 3D learning world. It is a playful and instructive first contact with the workshop, machine and CNC control. Though this webinar has been created in German, our software is available in many languages including English. 

(Please Note: This webinar is in German. Interested in seeing this webinar in English? Let us know using the form  below. If there are many people interested in it, we will arrange an English webinar on this topic.)

Watch the full webinar > 

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