Newsletter December 2023

G54 X 2024.

In this festive season, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in KELLER.Software.

There have been challenges, enriching encounters and inspiring cooperation!

There was … a new Software Update

The PAL2020 simulators have been improved and expanded, turning in the 2nd quadrant with a right-hand turning tool is now possible without any problems, and SYMplus™ offers more flexibility thanks to additional post-processors and individual work step macros with contours.

Find out more about the software update >

There was … delicious Instant (CNC) food

Our new “series” on YouTube, “Instant CNC” is your little bite of CNC ready to enjoy in no time at all. The videos are less than a minute-long, making them the perfect snack. Immerse yourself in the world of CNC technology and discover new machining techniques using the 3D simulation from SYMplus™.

Playlist “Instant CNC” >

There was … a growing Community

On YouTube, we are about to reach the magic mark of 1,000 followers, and we are truly grateful for every single follower! Subscribing to our channel is more than a gesture; it’s vital for our success, as followers are the heart of our community, supporting us and signalling to the YouTube algorithm for wider exposure. And best of all, subscribing to YouTube is completely free! We therefore cordially invite you to become part of our community:

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There were … over 100,000 video views on TikTok

We have also been active on TikTok since this year. One of our videos went viral there! Thank you for 100,000 views and 3,000 likes – we are grateful!

To view the viral video >

There was … an exciting webinar on the PAL 2020 commands

The webinar “PAL2020 – Changes to the cutting machine operator exam”, which we held live two to three times a month between February and May 2023, can be now viewed free of charge on our YouTube channel. (Please note: Currently it is only available in German language!)

Watch now >

There was … a price update from 2023

It’s still 2023, which means you can take the opportunity to save money! Our prices will be adjusted from 2024 (does not apply to existing plusCARE™ contracts) so that we can continue to offer you the best possible quality. Orders up to the end of the year will still be processed at the previous conditions.

There are … Insights into the examination task for cutting machine operators

The IHK examinations for cutting machine operators took place on December 6. We used SYMplus to simulate the examination task for CNC milling. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel. (Turning video will come in the following days. Keep yourself subscribed to get updates)

To the Video >

Merry Christmas and a successful start to the New Year

Finally, we would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a good start to the New Year.

Thank you for another great year in the world of CNC machining. We look forward to mastering the upcoming challenges and successes together with you.

  – Your KELLER.Software Team

Next Appointments in the KELLER.Academy:

Driven tools, level swivel and reform PAL2020

  • 08.-09. February 2024
  • 21.-22. March 2024

Basics of graphical programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus™

  • 11.-12. January 2024
  • 22.-23. February 2024

Basic DIN/PAL programming with SYMplus™

  • 25.-26. January 2024
  • 07.-08. March 2024

Exam preparation PAL

  • 18.-19. April 2024

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