Newsletter June 2022

Supported 2,400 trainees during the pandemic with SYMplus™.

For two years we have been dealing with the issue of how learning should work when we are not allowed to meet, when schools are closed due to the pandemic, or when individual students and teachers have to stay at home in quarantine.

KELLER.Software has responded to this situation immediately and since the beginning of the pandemic has made the entire scope of the PAL student licence available free of charge to all plusCARE™ customers.

In the meantime, most of the measures against the virus have been lifted in Germany. Hence, the KELLER.Software team has decided to let the offer of the free student license PAL expire by the end of the month. This means that the free licenses will be switched off after June 30, 2022, as previously mentioned in our monthly reminder emails to users, as well as on our website next to the registration form.

Note: This does not apply to the student licence DIN and of course not to the purchased licenses of the student license PAL (explanations regarding the license are below).

However, these two years have also changed things for us. For this reason, KELLER.Software offers the following as a way for your trainees to continue to learn comfortably from home (or wherever) with the SYMplus™ CNC software:

  1. Buy the student license PAL easily and quickly as an add-on to your plusCARE™ license: Billing via plusCARE™ invoice, cancellation period at the end of the plusCARE™ period (contact us by email or phone)
  2. Receive student DIN license as a plusCARE™ customer upon request (contact aus by email or phone)
  3. As a student, rent the student license DIN yourself for 14 days to 1 year (to be purchased via the following link:

You are not yet a plusCARE™ customer? Contact us by email or phone and enjoy the many perks of plusCARE™.

What is the difference between student license DIN and student license PAL?


Student license DIN: For those professionals who only need basic CNC knowledge, the scope of commands in DIN is scaled down to the basics of PAL.


Student license PAL: With this version, the complete instructional scope of PAL is taught.


Much more from KELLER.Software…

Are you familiar with the IHK exams conducted by the German Chamber of Commerce for CNC Operators? In case you would like to know the syllabus and scope of these exams, have a look at the IHK videos on our YouTube channel. The videos are unfortunately only available in German as the exams are only conducted in German. Got any questions? Feel free to comment or contact.



Next Appointment:

30. June – 01. July 2022: Basic DIN/PAL programming with SYMplus

14. – 15. July 2022: Driven tools, level swivel and reform PAL2020

28. – 29. July 2022: Basics of graphical programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus

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