Newsletter March 2021

SYMplus™ gets the long-awaited Update.

Did you know that with SYMplus™ in combination with plusCARE™, you have many more benefits than just the maintenance of your SYMplus™ software? It brings you the latest innovations and optimizations and thus the highest level of security and efficiency.

And through our Priority Support for plusCARE™ customers, even wishes can come true….

One of these wishes is now being fulfilled: 

The long-awaited EcoCut tool will be available to all customers with plusCARE™ from the next software update in SYMplus™.

Would you like to see the EcoCut tool in action?

Then watch this video on our YouTube channel > 

To make sure you don’t miss this update, keep an eye on our Website and social media channels(Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing oder Instagram). Soon the update will be ready for you.

You don’t own plusCARE™ yet?

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We hope you enjoy this new feature and we wish you a good day ahead.

                                                                                              -Your KELLER.Software Team

Practical Tip: The Handwheel in the Work Plan

Thanks to SYMplus™, many things work automatically. The programming of the traverse paths, e.g. in the case of roughing, is normally simply removed from your hands. Sometimes, however, it can happen that the automatic system reacts differently than the expert imagines.

This can happen if, for example, you need to traverse a very special path with a special tool.

For this SYMplus™ offers a very simple solution. And it is called: “Handwheel”.

To learn more about the Tip of the Month, please click on the picture below:

Much more from KELLER.Software

Upcoming Training Sessions:

15.-16. Apr. 2021: Basics of DIN/PAL Programming with SYMplus

22.-23. Apr. 2021: Exam preparation PAL

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