Newsletter May 2021

KELLER.Software Training Initiative

Exam preparations will soon come to an end. This month the IHK(Chamber of Industry and Commerce) final exam part 1 of the cutting machine operators (conducted in Germany) will take place. We wish all trainees the best of luck. 

But not only will the exams be over, but also our -now more than one year- running offer “all students get the free student version, no matter if the school/company is a customer of KELLER.Software or not” will end. There have been three final exams during this time and KELLER.Software feels glad to have supported all examinees with this offer. After the current exam this action will expire.  This means that from June 1, 2021 all free licenses will be disabled.

Don’t worry though, we have something new for you: The KELLER.Software Training Initiative.

What is the KELLER.Software Training Initiative? 

This is a support for all trainees, which makes it possible to book the student version for one year. And it’ even free of charge until 31.12.2021. 

For this you only have to fulfill 3 criterias:

  1. You must be in possession of SYMplus™ with a running plusCARE™ contract.
  2. You must send us an application with “Expiry date 2021” by e-mail or by form.
  3. Your students must then re-apply by naming their customer number on the form below. Applications that do not include the customer number or that do not use the form will be ignored.

Re-register via this form >

You are not yet a plusCARE™ customer?

Then contact us now>

We have often written that it is our claim to be the best support in your daily CNC everyday life. To ensure that we can continue to live up to this in the future, we have put all our expert knowledge into the new SYMplus™ Update 60, which is now available to all customers with plusCARE™. 

This is what’s new as of Update 60>

You need help with the Software Update? 

Our support will help you >

We wish you a beautiful day ahead.

                                                                                       – Your KELLER.Software-Team

Practical Tip: Machining of Grooves

SYMplus™ offers you many possibilities to effectively implement your work. This also applies to the machining of “Grooves”. 

To learn more about the Tip of the Month, please click on the picture below: 

Much more from KELLER.Software

Upcoming Training Sessions:

03.-04. June. 2021: Driven tools, plane swing and reform PAL2020

17.-18. June. 2021:Basics of graphic programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus™.

Further Information>


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