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Accessibility, Friendliness, Competence and Persistance.

Are you at a loss for ideas on how to solve your CNC related questions? Don’t worry! That is why we have an expert support team at your service.

And by that we do not mean an annoying hotline where you: 

  1. spend what feels like hours on hold with a melody (which is guaranteed to give you an earworm), or 
  2. you notice directly that the person has no knowledge of the subject at all. 

Rather, this is about the support teams, like that of KELLER.Software, who really help you solve your problems.


Mr.Korthaus from the firm Feinwerkmechanik Marcus Röll in Wuppertal recently described KELLER support with the words: “Accessibility, friendliness, competence and persistance”.  When he faced a technical problem because of the interface between the machine and the computer, “he was at a loss himself”, as he wrote in his review. 


He went on to say: “In the course of solving the problem together, it had become clear that this problem was not easy to fix. And at this point I’m very grateful that KELLER support got involved and didn’t let go, so that we were in constant contact and were able to find a solution together.”

We would like to return our thanks to Mr. Korthaus at this point, who has confirmed to us with his kind review that we are not doing a bad job at all.

You can read the whole review from Mr. Korthaus here, as well as other interesting reviews from customers > 

Do you also need help with a problem? Then pick up the phone (or the keyboard) and contact our KELLER support.

Much more from KELLER.Software

Training more than 70 apprentices with different levels of knowledge is a big task. In the following 2 part video Mr.Herkert, the Head of Technical Training at the firm Knipex explains how KELLER Software has helped him through his challenges and why it is the preferred software at Knipex for almost 20 years.

Watch Part 1 now > 


Watch Part 2 now > 


Upcoming Training Sessions:

09.-10. Dez. 2021: Driven tools, level swivel and reform PAL2020

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