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The VR workshop: Playful access to the CNC world.

What if you could learn in a “real” CNC workshop instead of learning theory in a classroom? What if you could practice there on lathes or milling machines without the fear of making a mistake? This is the possibility offered with the VR workshop from KELLER.Software.

With this modern and playful learning method, the necessary learning content is intuitively internalized. Thanks to the two VR controllers, you can now move through the “virtual workshop”, you grasp objects, press buttons and make machines work. And the VR glasses are like a new pair of eyes.

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Do you want to dive into the virtual world yourself? On November 4 and 5, 2022, we will be at the BZI Remscheid open day with our VR glasses. We would be happy to give you a glimpse of the Virtual World. Of course, we will also be available to answer any questions you may have on the topics of training, further education and vocational orientation.

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We wish you a beautiful day ahead

  – Your KELLER.Software Team

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Next Appointment:

08. – 09. December 2022: Driven tools, level swivel and reform PAL2020

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New on YouTube: Practical tip “From PAL Programming to chips“. The phrase “From PAL programming to chips” refers to the fact that with SYMplus™ you can not only learn the theory, but you can also build a bridge to practical application.

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