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1 KELLER-ID = x Users.

No more time-consuming setups. No more of this unnecessary administrative act. Easily create one license for each technology and multiple users can work with the same KELLER ID at the same time. From now on, this is possible online with the new version of the SYMplus™ license.

Before: Each individual user had to be registered with a unique KELLER ID in the customer portal of the KELLER Cloud.

Today: You can easily start SYMplus™ for many users at the same time via a single KELLER-ID and a password. This password can be changed by the admin (teacher) at any time.

This is especially convenient for schools. When the course/school year is over, you can just change the password once and only the students who are part of the current course/class will be able to work with the software.

The “old” variant (standard variant) is of course also still possible and can be requested by you as usual.

What is a SYMplus™ Online license anyway?

The Online License allows you to start the software without a USB key, in contrast to the conventional license. Just enter the password and off you go. All you need is a permanent internet connection ( the license is accessed via this connection).

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Practical Tip: Rewrite old PAL programs for the PAL2020

With the PAL2020 reform, some of the commands in the PAL coding were changed. The commands were changed so that programs written after PAL2008 or PAL 2012 will no longer run and lead to any error messages in the newer PAL2020 simulators (or PAL2020 C/Y or PAL2020 3+2). This means that you have to rewrite the program blocks almost completely – and that takes time.

A faster way to do this is to use the “Find/Replace“ trick! To learn more about this Tip of the Month, please click here.


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Next Appointments:

13. – 14. October 2022: Driven tools, level swivel and reform PAL2020

27. – 28. October 2022: Basic graphic programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus

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