Reminder: Cutting Machine Operator Exam Summer 2024

Are you about to take your PAL or IHK final examination as a cutting machine operator in the field of turning or milling? Do you feel overwhelmed by a flood of information sheets, complicated teaching material and lengthy training appointments?

Discover the benefits of our tried-and-tested SYMplus™ CNC learning software and make your exam preparation easier in an uncomplicated way.

  • Easy to use, with a focus on the essentials: SYMplus™ CNC software is designed to help you find everything quickly so you can concentrate on what really matters – effective learning.
  • PAL exercises: Learn hands-on with practical PAL exercises and the expertise of CNC users and trainers. The theoretical PAL program can also be simulated on a real machine using SYMplus™ CNC software.
  • Supporting Workbooks: No need to think twice: just open it and get started. The workbooks for SYMplus™ CNC software will perfectly complement your learning progress.

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