Throwback 1985 – Heidenhain TNC control system KELLER keyboard

Get your floppy disk, V-neck sweater, and shoulder pads ready because on this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re taking you on a journey back to the ’80s.

In the photo, you can see a Nixdorf 8810 M75 Personal Computer with a ‘Color Monitor’ – boasting an impressive 640 KB of storage space! In comparison, today’s home and office computers typically have storage capacities ranging from 256 GB to 1 TB. In fields like video editing and 3D modelling, they can even go up to 4 TB, and there seems to be no limit in sight.

Right in front of this cutting-edge computer from that era, you’ll find a keyboard created by KELLER for the Heidenhain TNC 155 control system used in CNC training. This provided trainees with a 1:1 experience of the original control system and even had a connection to the CNC machine.

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Klaus Reckermann


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