Why SYMplus™ is a valuable addition to your lessons (CNC software for training)

  • More time for the important things: with SYMplus™, teachers don’t have to spend as much time preparing teaching materials. Instead, they can use this time to focus on imparting subject knowledge and supporting students.
  • Qualitative learning content: SYMplus™ ensures that all students have access to high-quality and up-to-date learning content specifically designed for training machinists and similar trades.
  • Inhomogeneous learning groups: With SYMplus™, students can learn at their own pace, so inhomogeneous learning groups are not an obstacle and have access to important learning materials, which helps them improve their skills individually.
  • Interactive learning environment: Interactive modules allow students to gain hands-on experience without the fear of “breaking something” and directly apply their theoretical knowledge in a safe learning environment.

For more Info: https://cnc-keller.com/symplus-cnc-software/symplus-for-cnc-training/


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