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We hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. After this brief recovery period, the time will soon come: In about a month, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) final examination Part 1 for cutting machine operators will be held in Germany. We are very concerned that the trainees are well prepared for this exam – particularly during the time of the Corona pandemic. That’s why our free student version is available to everyone in Germany until after the final exam.


You are a trainee in Germany and do not yet have this version? 

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Additionally, our spring cleaning is as good as done: Update 60, the latest version of SYMplus™, will soon be available for all customers with plusCARE™ and is packed with improvements. In addition to some optimizations to software performance, you’ll also be able to use the EcoCut tool. As soon as the update is available, you will hear about it via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) as well as via our website. 

We wish you a beautiful day ahead.

                                                                                       – Your KELLER.Software-Team

Practical Tip: Ready for the Island

Working with islands (or tenons) can get complicated.  However, with SYMplus™ this task is quite easy.

To learn more about the Tip of the Month, please click on the picture below: 

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Upcoming Training Sessions:

06.-07. Mai. 2021: Basics of graphic programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus™.

27.-28. Mai. 2021: Basics of DIN/PAL Programming with SYMplus

Further Information>


Here at the KELLER.Academy, you can experience what can hardly be described in words: With the help of VR goggles, you can switch on the machine, move to the reference point or simply stand in the machine and take a close look at everything. Due to the current situation,  we request you to contact us in advance to arrange an appointment. 

Try VR goggles at the KELLER.Academy >

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