Newsletter February 2022

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It is no secret that learning is increasingly taking place on the Internet.

Videos are particularly popular. Videos increase the clarity of a topic through their visual presentation and, because our brains remember images better than texts, help us retain information in our heads for longer.


That’s why we at KELLER.Software have been running a YouTube channel for a few years now, covering topics such as: 

How does the machining of Grooves work?> 

How to setup vocabulary tests and multiple choice tasks using SYMplus™ software?> 

How to compare production strategies effortlessly with each other using SYMplus™ software?> 

There is something for everyone. No matter whether you are just taking your first steps as an apprentice or would like to further your education as an experienced person.

Click here to go to the KELLER.Software YouTube channel > 

Practical Tip: From PAL Programming to chips


The phrase “From PAL programming to chips” refers to the fact that with SYMplus™ you can not only learn the theory, but you can also build a bridge to practical application.

To learn more about this Tip of the Month, please click on the picture.

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Upcoming Training Sessions:

10.-11. Mar. 2022: Driven tools, plane swing and reform PAL2020

17.-18. Mar. 2022: Basics of graphic programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus™.

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