Newsletter May 2022

3 last-minute KELLER learning tips.

Sometimes time just flies by. It feels like only yesterday that the trainees began their training and now they are already writing their final exam for cutting machine operators. The KELLER.Software team wishes them all the best for this exam and for their future.

3 last-minute KELLER learning tips for your trainees:

1. Watch old final exams as videos on YouTube >

2. Request SYMplus™ workbooks as PDF >

3. Student Licence PAL is still available free of charge for all plusCARE™ customers until 05/31/2022 >

or simply rent the student licence yourself >

Please note:

A new update of SYMplus™ was released last month. Have you installed it yet? If not, hurry up and do it, so you can get the best results out of your CNC Software. 

You can read what’s new in Update 62 here:


Do you need help with the software update?

Our Support will assist you with this >


If you have some free time, here is also a link to our Photo Gallery from the BETT UK education fair which took place last month in London:


Much more from KELLER.Software…

Next Appointment:

02. – 03. June 2022: Driven tools, level swivel and reform PAL2020

09. – 10. June 2022: Basics of graphical programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus

Further Information >


There is always something to watch on our website. For e.g, last month’s practical tip as a video, more simulations and many more interesting videos.

SYMplus™ Media Library >




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