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Still in service then and now

Do you own any old CNC machines? Or do you know such models from the past? Well, even if neither is the case, this discovery at the Bergische University Wuppertal is interesting for all CNC professionals. There is a Boehringer VDT DUC 560 lathe from 1996.

And the best part: it works! This is achieved by using the former CNCplus control from KELLER, which makes the workpieces turn.

In the video below, Mr. Cavallaro, the workshop manager of the Physics Mechanical Workshop at the university, takes great pleasure in programming this 25 year old machine.

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Practical Tip: Clever Cutting and Reclamping

The plan was quite simple. Cut a turned part to be machined on both sides from the bar and at the same time programme the second machining side. If the length of the blank is defined to such an extent that at the end, there is enough material to “cut” out of the protective zone for the chuck or the clamping jaws.

However, if you proceed as described, after the “cutting off” step it would result in the half-finished workpiece falling in the simulation as in reality the chip tray or a part catcher. Afterwards, the geometry is no longer available in the working plan for further machining.

But what is the solution then? The following practical tip gives you the answer:

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