PRACTICAL TIP – 3 steps to rotary-symmetric contour

July 2021

A pocket or an island contour is usually constructed from the starting point of the contour once around to the end point. In the case of a rotary-symmetrical contour, this would usually be unnecessarily time-consuming and, in part, hardly feasible anyway due to the dimensions.

When programming in SYMplus™, you can achieve the complete contour in just three steps. We will demonstrate it using this drawing:

Step 1: 

It is sufficient here to actually construct 1/6 of the contour. We start here on one axis (here it is the negative Y-axis). Since we want to construct 1/6 of 360°, the last element, the circular arc Ø108 must have a run-out angle (to the positive X axis) of 60°.

Step 2: 

Now we leave the stretch/arc editor and mirror this piece to the Y axis (or the “X values”). It is important that you select “Mirror and connect”, because otherwise we would have single, “loose” contours.

If you make a mistake when flipping, flip in the wrong direction or forget to connect: With Ctrl+Z you can undo this operation and do it right again.

Step 3:

With this we now have 1/3 of the entire contour and can copy and rotate this section 2x by 120°. Again we select “Copy and Join” and as “Number” the number of copies, namely 2.

Now we have a closed contour, which we can also check again visually in the 3D view:

Now it’s your turn.

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