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SYMplus™. Perfectly. Tailored.

Do you sometimes feel that companies only offer fixed prices, with which you often feel uncomfortable? Also, your individual requirements for the product are not understood? We at KELLER.Software follow a different philosophy: We would like to know more about you and your company, so that we can create a tailor-made price for you as well as an exclusive plan for your requirements.

To do this even better, we have developed a new SYMplus™ concept.

With the new concept, picking the right software configuration for you becomes easy. New SYMplus™ packets provide a good and understandable overview. And with many more add-ons you can personalize your SYMplus™ packet.

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Practical Tip: 3 steps to rotary-symmetric contour

A pocket or an island contour is usually constructed from the starting point of the contour once around to the end point. In the case of a rotary-symmetrical contour, this would usually be unnecessarily time-consuming and, in part, hardly feasible anyway due to the dimensions.

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Upcoming Training Sessions:

19.-20. Aug. 2021: Basics of DIN/PAL Programming with SYMplus

26.-27. Aug. 2021: Driven tools, plane swing and reform PAL2020

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Learn through extensive and playful tasks general arithmetic, rule of three, formula conversion, Pythagoras, trigonometric functions and much more. The software also offers an introduction to CNC technology. You determine your own learning workload and can prove your acquired knowledge in tests at the end. 

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