Simulation of the IHK Final Examination Part 2, Winter 2020 (conducted in Germany) for Cutting Machine Operators in Milling.

This time it was swivelled by 90°. This is not a particular challenge for gap inspection, but in practical implementation it is important to ensure that there is no collision with the turntable or a travel distance violation. In SYMplus™ this can be tested with different machines (from DMG, SPINNER, HAAS, HERMLE, …). This time, polar programming (G11, G12, G13) was a must, and for future tests there was a preview of the changes in tangential approach and retraction. From now on, the following applies to the tests: G45 stands for tangential approach and departure on a straight line, G46 for approach and departure in a quarter circle and G47 in a semicircle. In SYMplus™ there is now a new “Mode 2020” for the PAL simulator, which is alternatively selected as the default setting in the “Setup” mode.

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