Training with SYMplus™ for South Korean scholarship holders

The SYMplus™ enabled South Korean scholarship holders to get to know the basics of CNC turning as well as milling.

As part of the “Global Internship Program” project, the total of 8 young people from South Korea visited the electrical training centre in Mühlacker (Baden-Württemberg) for 6 weeks. They had already been able to gain initial CAD/CAM experience at school. However, DIN/PAL programming and some of the basic knowledge associated with it were new to them.

“Before their training, they completed a crash course in German (also lasting 6 weeks) at Frankfurt am Main. An interpreter was present the whole time, who was committed to translating the many technical terms. After a short period of getting used to each other between trainer, trainees and translator, everything worked great,” reports the trainer Matthias Krämer. “Thanks to the help built into SYMplus™, the learners were able to acquire a lot of knowledge on their own.”

Mr Krämer and the young people from South Korea had a great time, technically-didactically and also in cultural exchange.

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Klaus Reckermann


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