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Training on Site at Albstadt

Right now it’s training, training and more training. Having cancelled some of them in 2020 due to the pandemic, the KELLER.Software team will fortunately be able to host or be a guest more frequently in 2021 (subject to conditions such as the 3G rule, of course).  Last week, the visit to Gühring KG in Albstadt […]

5 years at KELLER.Software

They came as trainees, later became full time employees and now they have been here for 5 years already.. Let’s listen to what they have to say.

Newsletter November 2021

Accessibility, Friendliness, Competence and Persistance. Are you at a loss for ideas on how to solve your CNC related questions? Don’t worry! That is why we have an expert support team at your service. And by that we do not mean an annoying hotline where you:  spend what feels like hours on hold with a […]

Training on Site at Schiltach

Finally, an on-site training course took place again the week before last. Two intensive days in Schiltach in the Black Forest at the Hansgrohe company flew by. Some of you may know the company from your own bathroom, as they are a manufacturer of sanitary metal ware. For the group training, the Hansgrohe Talentschmiede kindly […]

Customer Review KNIPEX (Part 2)

Knipex has been using SYMplus CNC software for more than 15 years now in their training. In this video, hear directly from the Head of Technical Training at Knipex, Mr.Herkert, what makes KELLER their preferred CNC Software in training.

Happy Birthday

Today we wish our dear colleague, Mr. Jürgen Wollny, a wonderful happy birthday.

Newsletter October 2021

Still in service then and now Do you own any old CNC machines? Or do you know such models from the past? Well, even if neither is the case, this discovery at the Bergische University Wuppertal is interesting for all CNC professionals. There is a Boehringer VDT DUC 560 lathe from 1996. And the best […]


We had another visitor in our Academy today. Most of our courses are happening online these days, so it is rare to have visitors in the office. Ofcourse we are excited when someone does turn up. Last week Mr. Hermann Eich from Waldaschaff Automotive GmbH visited us for a one and a half day training […]

PRACTICAL TIP – Clever Cutting and Reclamping

The plan was quite simple. Cut a turned part to be machined on both sides from the bar and at the same time programme the second machining side. If the length of the blank is defined to such an extent that at the end, there is enough material to “cut” out of the protective zone […]

Boehringer VDT DUC 560 lathe built in 1996

We recently discovered that the Bergische University of Wuppertal has an old CNC Machine which still works using one of our older softwares. So we decided to pay a visit.  There we saw a Boehringer VDT DUC 560 lathe built in 1996, and the best thing about it is that it still works! This is […]