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6 steps to an organised Postprocessor list.

SYMplus™ provides a list of around 50 Postprocessors. In reality, you will hardly ever need all of them. Mostly you work with one or a few. So selecting the right postprocessor can prove to be a nuisance with such a large list. Here is a tip that can help you organise those Postprocessors efficiently: Create a second folder for postprocessor parameter sets, and copy the postprocessors you currently need into this folder. That’s it.

Here it goes:

Step 1: Open the “Work plan” operating mode (alternatively also “PAL simulator” or “Simulator”).

Step 2: Select “F1 File” > “F5 Management” > “F4 Postprocessor Parameter”.

Step 3: Mark the file(s) relevant to you and …

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SYMplus™ Update 63 is now available to all customers with plusCARE™ and includes new features as well as great improvements.

Scale the font size in the editor of the simulators to 200% by default (e.g. for the beamer image of the teacher’s computer)

When creating PAL gap-filling tasks, store individual instructions for each gap in the text

Receive the new simulators for the SINUMERIK 808D control system

The exchange of revolver stations and individual allowance presettings for roughing, facing and grooving in turning operation was never so easy

In addition, many detailed improvements in the simulators for PAL2020, SIEMENS 810D/840D and HEIDENHAIN allow for more effective work. The use of mobile licenses and the sources for the creation of individual macro work steps (by customer order) have also been improved. Other sample programs have been revised according to PAL2020 (for new installation as part of the user data).

More information about Update >

Lastly, we want to pause and look back at the past year.

It was great to see that many events and meetings took place this year. It started with the BETT UK education fair in London in March and ended with the BZI Remscheid open day last month.

The fact that face-to-face meetings were more feasible again than in the past two years was also evident at the KELLER.Academy: close to 40 guests came to the Academy courses this year (in comparison: there were less than twenty in 2021). In addition, the KELLER.Academy celebrated its fifth anniversary and held (virtual) training courses in Pakistan and Mexico, both of which are far away. In September, we published the new “SYMplus™ license via the Internet”, with which you now only need one KELLER ID to let several users work with SYMplus™. And in October, a new edition of the workbooks was also published.

Look out for more new improvements next year!

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The KELLER.Software team wishes you a pleasant Advent season and relaxing holidays.

  – Your KELLER.Software Team

Much more from KELLER.Software …

Next Appointments:

12. – 13. January 2023: Basic graphic programming (CAD/CAM) with SYMplus

26. – 27. January 2023: Basic DIN/PAL programming with SYMplus

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New on YouTube: With the PAL2020 reform, some commands in the PAL encoding have been changed. As a result, programs written according to PAL2008 or PAL 2012 no longer run and lead to error messages. With this practical tip, you can easily rewrite your programs.
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